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Aaron Bradbury



I am an artist based in Derby. Following a degree at Loughborough University I have been blindly finding my way and i'm doing okay. I make things.

Brief height breakdown:
Approx 2 feet - Liked milk
Just below 3 feet - Liked drawing and big coats.
Between 3 and 4 feet - Liked drawing and herbal tablets.
Approx 5 feet - Liked drawing and coffee.
Approx 6 feet - Like olives. Still drawing

Project Development

Resonance - A love story told with sound.
FMRL - An interactive story about the life of a fly.


Blade Runner
Videodrome (Cronenberg in general)
Perhaps a slight leaning towards Japanese pinku eiga
Overtime (Short)
Balance (Short)
Come on my selector [squarepusher promo] (Cunningham in general)
Coffee & Cigarettes
A few that are on the mind regularly.

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