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Lewis Metcalfe



Currently live in Manchester after having finished the Contemporary Film & Video at MMU. I have been writing, producing and directing my own shorts for around 8 years now. It's only at this point however that i'm really starting to take the power of the craft seriously. In my younger years it was more about making something fun and perhaps a bit stupid. But as i've matured so has my work. It's important that my films have a level of engagement that a wide audience can appreciate, and that I cover a theme that's intellectually challenging and thought provoking.


I don't seem to take a direct or conscious inspiration from anyone/thing. Of course everything subconsciously inspires people and gives ideas but there isn't one person or film that I use as a root for my work. I have been told I have a notable sense of style, which can be compared to european work, but it's never deliberate. It's just the approach I feel necessary for me to covey my story in the most affective way.

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