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I joined the BBC in 1998 as a trainee technical operator, I worked across all the areas from running VTs to sound mixing. I was eventually let out of the building to shoot news, graduated on to docs, then took a new job here in Belfast as a full time camera operator.
I have worked on programmes such as songs of praise, patrick kielty, question time, proms in the park, music live and others to numerous to mention, I also specialise operating steadicam and jimmy jibs.

Project Development

Just shot a short film, 'Trade', directed by Stephen S T Bradley, which premiered at the Warner vilage cinema during the Belfast film festival.

I now have two films in prep. 'The Bed Bugs Bite' is a mix of live action and animation to be shot on super 16 B/W, and I will be camera operator for a fellow DOP on 'Who's Calling', a comedy/drama set in a call centre.


Love anything shot by Sacha Vierny, he worked a lot with Peter Greenaway and did 'drowning by numbers', 'a zed and two noughts' and the amazing looking 'the cook, the thief, his wife & her lover'.
I also like the work of Vittorio Storaro on 'Apocalype now', Gordon Willis for 'the Godfather' and Stanley Cortez for 'night of the hunter'. There are too many influences but those are a few that strike me.

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