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David Goodall



Since 1981 I've worked in film & tv as a composer (Wild Harvest, Eikon, Fallen Angels), actor (Cheese & Pickle, Weekend Break, Phoo Action) and fight director (Red Road, Dog Altogether, That Old One, Rebus,Taggart).
Since 2002 I've been writing, producing or directing films (To Have And To Hold, A Day In The Life, Relative Confusion).
I run a post production facility in rural Scotland, 45 minutes from the airports and 30 minutes from Glasgow. There are many fields and cows and it's extremely peaceful.

Project Development

I'm halfway through a feature-length caper script set in Glasgow, Zurich and Jasper (Alabama), and am developing a TV crime series with Plum Films.


Music: Bowie, Mozart, Brel, Oldfield, Bach, Bacharach. Films: Coens, Kurosawa, Jarmusch, Wenders.
The Big Lebowski, Ran, Kagemusha, Fargo, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Da.

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