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Bruce Bagnoli



I'm a Northern California documnetary videographer interested in a wide range of subjects usually focusing on a person and their passion. Interested in exploring some of the scientific research and the scientists, artists and their art, and the "living treasures", those unique individuals who give our culture it's life force.

I enjoy collaboration with other multimedia artists and journalists, both for broadcast and webcast audiences.

Some of the video that I make is used by the architectural/engineering community to document and explain issues and ideas. I work with construction video and community groups to explore the challenges we face.


Project Development

Currently I'm collaborating with several local video volunteer folks producing video for broadcast on community televison.

I'm interviewing and covering research in several area's of physics, environmental science, genetics and geotechnial studies.


I've studied film at California State University Fullerton ( documentary film), and with many filmakers over the years. While my former wife worked at Zoetrope studios I watched the films that Francis Ford Copola would show to his crews to educate them about the work he was doing and learned about his unique point of view.

Other influences flow from my work as a photojournalist with exposure to folks like Henri Cartier Bresson, John Oleson, W. Eugene Smith,Tina Modotti, Edward Weston, Steinbeck, Capra, Dorothea Lange.

I loved winged migration, parrots of telegraph hill, Buena Vista Social Club, Inconvenient truth. I studied propaganda movies from WWII, and early french documentaries. Many of the influential documentaries that I've learned from were never commercial, many never in distribution. Some, like "Fierce GRace" were shown in a few locations.

I'm also inspired by the people who just made "the war tapes" about IRAQ, overcomming great challenges to tell a story that would otherwise be hidden.

The recent YouTube series of videos about hugging is also inspiring and moving in a whole new way.

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