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My Name's Ahmad Kamara and I'm a civil engineer by profession and always have a passion for being creative. I love films and anything to do with films. I am also a martial artist and have been practicing for several years now.

I first saw some movie made by new film makers and thought I can do this. So I had a chat with my other friend, Mike and relayed the concept and story I had in mind. Mike produced a script and afterwards the planning and turning this into reality began.

I soon realised it wasn't as easy as I thought. First I couldn't afford an expensive pc so I taught myself to build one. I then saved up and bought two dv camcorders. Got my mates form kung fu involved and we started filming. We improvised special effects and make up as we went along. We had no time for practice and since people were doing it in their free time, we just shot it when we could. Due to our poor acting skills, we dubed it and left as many continuity errors in it as a comedy influence in the film making it unique.

Making this film opened my eyes and I believe I could do much better if I had the right training. I have been doing extra work on tv dramas like Torchwood, Gavin & Stacy, Bone Kickers.. secretly learning what actual film directors ond cast get up to.

I think there will be a big difference between my first film "Snake in the midst of Shaolin" and my Next film "Fate: The Quest for Lohan's Scroll"

Project Development

I'm working on a new kung fu comedy film called Fate: The Quest for Lohan's Scroll" Its a short film about destiny, fate, betrayal, lust and greed! I can't say more but it should be interesting to see when its complete.


I love films by Hayao Miyazaki, Steven Spielberg, Akira Kurosawa as they are inspirational. Its difficult to say which films I like without putting them in genres.

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