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I was just a little kid when I seen "Ghostbusters", followed by "Jurassic Park" then finally "James Bond"... one Christmas my mum and dad bought me a climbing frame and I used to spend my days swinging about on the monkey bars, recreating action scenes from the great movies I grew up with... then I started going to Cinemagic events in Belfast four years ago.

I naively entered the "Pitch Idol" competition and got 2nd place, then the following year I re-entered and won! The ideas I pitched are, well, different, and hopefully one day you will get to see them on the silver screen. During the same year I was a memeber of Cinemagic's Young Jury and got to enjoy several short films from around the world then choose which three should win the prestigous Filmmaker Award.

Ever since, I have shot many experimental films but only cut a few! Those that have made it as far as the editing suite are "Hyperspace" (which won 3rd at the Integrated Schools Film Awards), "Kryptonite", "The Detained" and "Final Cut". The first two are visually ok, but unfortunatley accompany copyrighted tracks, meaning I can't upload them. However the latter are currently in post-production and soon to be released.

Project Development

Final Cut

Horror movies are a treat, surving them is the trick. A group of filmmakers are celebrating Halloween, completing the teaser trailer for their horror film and their director, Michael's, seasonal birthday. But after a close encounter with the legendary Jack 'O Lantern, Michael is transported to the world of his horror film where he must face his terrifying creation: demon mountaineer, Eddie Hawkins!

Where I am at-

grafting through post-production at the moment, just completed editing the footage and I am now moving on to sound editing. Will officially release the film this Halloween.


I am a self confessed action junky, but also have a love for the paranormal and mystery adventures like TV drama series's "Supernatural" and "Lost". My filmmaking technique is influenced by several directors, namely Steven Speilberg, Michael Bay and Neil Marshall. However in recent years I have begun to watch more "acclaimed" directors works, such as Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarintino and Martin Scorcese, who have helped me to define my craft.

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