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Born 1970. Frank Ilfman began studying Trombone and Piano
at the Jaffa Conservatorium of Music in Israel as a young child
and a precocious talent was soon evident.
By the age of thirteen he was composing and arranging original
and popular music for the Tel Aviv Dixieland Band
where he played Lead Trombone.

Not long after Frank was asked to leave the Conservatorium for
skipping classes which he found dull, and on a chance visit to
Berlin he met composer Klaus Doldinger (Das Boot) who was at
the time scoring the film ÒThe Never Ending StoryÓ. Frank visited
the set and impressed everyone with his imagination and
enthusiasm which prompted Doldinger to invite him to a scoring
session. Frank subsequently fell in love with the world of cinema
and film music.

Frank Ilfman worked on his first television production at seventeen
with composer Jan Hammer on the ever so popular television series
ÒThe ChancerÓ starring Clive Owen, and since then has contributed
original music to more than forty film and television projects.
Amongst his many talents, his sensitivity to genre and ability
to diagnose how music can best contributed to a film, has gained
him wide respect in the field.

IlfmanÕs music can be described as dark and atmospheric, romantic
and evocative. He combines exotic instruments, electronics and
symphonic orchestra to produce a powerful dramatic style that
brings a vibrant and fresh contemporary feel to the big screen.

In his spare time Ilfman has also remixed Duran Duran, Marianne Faithfull, PollyannaFrank, Oi Va Voi and KT Tunstall to name a fe

Project Development

Currently scoring Donal Macintyre's Best of Enemies, Stolen City's "Fifth Street" directed by Dave Roddham and Vittoria Colonna's "Identities" for Underground Films

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