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CHRIS HARRIS received a local Emmy nomination for his writing and directing work before finishing high school. Chris is equally comfortable working in animation and live action. A few years into college he began directing stop motion animations and immediately began to generate excitement and receive notice with his works. His animated short film Family Portrait won best student film at Cinequest and the USA Festival, and screened on the Sci-Fi channel and at Slamdance. His music video Tu Moon for the band Opus Dai won Best Independent Music Video at the LA music awards. In addition to directing, Chris has a strong resume as a cinematographer, shooting both his own work and for other directors when time permits. His resume also includes visual effects work for such notable shows as Alias and Lost. He is currently developing his second feature Mothlight. This one of a kind drama will be a mix of stop motion animation and traditional live action.

Selections from Chris’ filmography can be viewed at under a search for “harrismonkey�.

Director Filmography

Mr. Boo (2007)
Into the Arms of Strangers (2007)
-Played Oxford International Film Festival
-Played Bare Bones Film Festival
(Nominated for best Drama/Thriller, and best Ensemble Cast)
-Played Big Island Film Festival
-Played Dances with Films Festival (Los Angeles)
-Played Rockport International Film Festival
(Nominated Best feature Film)
Cancer PSA (2003)
O.H.M. Tu Moon (2003)- music video
-Los Angeles Music Awards- Independent Music Video of the Year
-Aired on Music Link
-Aired on JBTV
-Aired on Denver’s Heartbeat
Volume All*Star Video Theme from Self Elected (2001)- music video
Family Portrait (1999)
-Played Slamdance
-Played Florida Film Festival
-Played USA Film Festival
(1st place student division)
-Played Cinequest
(1st place student division)
-Played Chicago Underground Film Festival
-Played ISU Cinema Guild
Independent Film Festival
-Aired on Sci-Fi Channel’s
Exposure program
101 Recipes for Pork (1997)
-Goldfarbe award
-Played Flicker Film Festival
-Played CFFVF
Fast Film (1996)
Umbrella head (1994)
Pan (1993)
Kicking it in Studio B (1993)
(Hypocracy segment)
-Aired on Denver ABC affiliate
Kicking it in Studio B (1992)
-Nominated for Local Emmy
- Aired on Denver ABC affiliate
Minor Adjustments (1991)
(suicide segment)
-Aired on Denver Fox affiliate

Project Development

I'm currently in extremely early stages of preproduction/developement on my second feature film "Mothlight". This will be a one of a kind film mixing stopmotion animation and traditional live action in a drama dealing losely with my younger brother's death from cancer five years ago.

I'm also doing drafts for a big budget science fiction film "Behind the Sun" dealing with child soldiers in a civil war. Several companies have expressed interest in seeing the script as soon as I have a draft ready to present.

Inquiries on both projects are welcome.

Lastly, my first feature film "Into the Arms of Strangers" will be seeing DVD release in the US in 2008. We do not yet have distribution secured outside of the US. Inquiries are welcome.


Films that have influenced me, or that I just love:

Jacob's Ladder
The Insider
Snow falling on Cedars
Solaris (Soderburg version)
12 Monkies
Ghost in the Shell
Road to Perdition
and the list goes on...

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