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Bartosz Klimaszewski



Welcome! I am a Composer and Sound Designer currently living in Cambridge, UK.
I started my adventure with music when I was 7. I play a wide range of instruments, but the main one remained piano.
I also play sax, bassoon, harp and various percussion instruments.

I composed music for the theatrical performances, ballet plays and animated movies.

I am currently producing a range of portfolios for Film/ TV licensing companies as well as for film directors and producers.


"Rabbit proof fence"
"American Beauty"
"The road to Perdition"
"The last temptation of the Christ"
"Green Mile"
"Finding Neverland"
"Minority Report"
"Man in Black"
"Enemy of the State"
"The Sixth Sense"
"The Blues Brothers"
"The Italian Job"
"Man in Black"
"THX 1138"
"Eyes wide shut"
"Vanilla Sky"
and many... maaany more.

I pay a lot of attention to the music, sfx in film. I like action movies, some with an intrigue, and an interesting plot line. Of course actors bring a LOT of quality to the picture, so they can be inspiring as well.

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