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I've been making short films since about 2001, my first short film, the truly awful Timeless Conflict (and the award for the worst title ever goes to...) ran for 15 long mintues but hopefully I've developed a bit since then...wrote and directed a couple of shorts for the Film Council and started directing some music video's and commercial's so its coming together (that's like my self-help mantra!)...

Project Development

I'm currently getting my next short film together, a live action/animation mix; The Conductor, hopefully shooting in March 2008
Also developing a CG feature film off the back of one of my shorts; Spring Heeled Jack - so if anybody knows anyone at Pixar, I'd appreciate an intro lol!
Working on another feature project - live action, family drama, to employ the cliche its October Sky meets Stand by Me (I hope)...


My all time favourite has to be Jaws, I remember watching it with my family when I was very young and everyone jumping out of their seats at the Ben Gardener scene...great stuff - didn't swim in the sea for the next 10 years but nevermind...good entertainment!

I confess to and am not ashamed of the fact that I love Spielberg movies, I like magical, entertaining films - Tim Burton's vision amazes me and the Pixar back catalogue is brilliant but at the same time I love the independents, Clerks, Donnie Darko, corny as it sounds - I pretty much like and am inspired by all movies, except The Postmen, Kev - what were you thinking?

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