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Ben Peter Henderson, born July 30, 1971 in Wells, is an English composer, scriptwriter, director, and record and film producer.

Henderson has established a reputation for himself as an Music Technology expert, writer and composer for film. Some of his album covers are illustrated with his own paintings and drawings.

Henderson has composed theme tunes for Japanese anime Serial Experiments Lain with the UK band Boa and the orchestral theme music and incidental score for the superhero film, The Divider. Boa's music video has been aired on MTV (Japan), and the band have featured in a music documentary "Shift" for Channel 4 in the UK.

Henderson additionally co-scripted The Divider, collaborating with film producer and director Jim Rogers. He has since worked on film scripts of his own.

In the summer of 2006, Ben and his family created the "Cubinoid" channel on Youtube mainly starring Frooper and Skimo, two finger puppet characters. The Henderson family film Frooper and Skimo episodes using a webcam, and have achieved the top 22nd most subscribed musician's channel on Youtube.

Matt Hawes, creator of The Happy Show featured the first episode of Frooper and Skimo on public access tv in 2006 and all Frooper and Skimo episodes have since been broadcast in the USA in The Happy Show.

MTV Flux expressed an interest in the Frooper and Skimo videos shortly after the site was launched.

In January 2007, the music video for Moth's "Close the Door" won the trophy for Best Animation at the Surrey Film Festival.

Following this, Close the door won a further award at The IAC British International Amateur Film Competition 2007.


Films I love - too many to list, but here're three:
Batman Begins

What inspires me? Again, here's just three:
The unstoppable spirit of man.
The unknown and the quest to know it.
The search for connectedness: human relationships.

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