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Corinna Faith



I left Bristol to study photography at the University of Westminster in 1994, but became interested in cinematography and crossed over to complete the film studies degree.

After graduating I worked as a film camera assistant for a few years before winning the chance to make my own ten-minute documentary through a scheme being run by Channel four. Making this short film, about one young woman's struggle with depression, convinced me that I wanted to work as Director.

I have spent the last five years working as a freelance Producer/Director making television documentaries for all the major broadcasters.

I made my first move into drama by writing and directing a ten-minute short for Film London’s ‘Pulse’ digital films scheme. 'Ashes' combined an improvised shooting approach with a scripted storyline and was nominated for the TCM Classic short award.

The second script I wrote 'Care' was commissioned by Film London for their follow up scheme ‘Pulse Plus’ which gave me the opportunity to make a slightly longer film. ‘Care’ retains some documentary influence as we used non-actors in the supporting roles. These people were cast from day care centres for the elderly and all related strongly to the films subject matter; the conflicting emotions around receiving care. With seasoned actors in the central roles, my aim was to create something with a touch of realism, and explore what can be achieved in an intimate and limited setting.

Project Development

I am currently taking part in the UK film councils 'Darklight' scheme which aims to support ten female directors in developing a horror film script.

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