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Open Book is a new partnership founded by friends and former colleagues Sam McCarthy and Laura Seymour. As producers we have experience in animation, live action, events, multimedia, internet and music.

Our partnership has been created to do the following:

• Provide independent production support to artists, performers and studios according to requirements.

• Represent artists in many fields, predominately in animation, illustration and music with a view to partnering them with studios and projects that enable them to fulfill their creative developments and career ambitions. Currently we have around 25 artists on our roster.

• Support each artist as an individual providing guidance and advice on promoting their talents; developing their skills and finding them work to enable them to get on with the projects they are currently working on.

• Represent studios, promoting those whose work we admire and collaborate with and encouraging artists and the industry at large to recognise their work. If at all possible we will bring projects to such studios if we feel they are appropriate to the studio’s own services and production values.

• Work with game developers providing pre-production support to enable them to outsource high resolution sequences to animation studios and act as a central contact point for the many suppliers facilitating such productions.

• Provide production support to artists on our roster who are developing their own projects.

With our experience and values Open Book brings to productions understanding of both story and message, and the artistry required make that story come to life. This understanding we believe will ensure our productions are interesting and fun to work on as we bring the right people together to create what we all want to create.

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