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Ben White



I am a very self motivated person, attempting to break into the Film industry. I currently run a photography studio in North London, however, I have a lot of experience in film production, in pre/post and the in studio/on location shooting. I have a wide range of technical knowledge, and I am proficent in post-production software, and on site filming equipment.

Project Development

I am currently in pre-production of my latest film, about a door to door sales man, and its working title is 'Salesman'. Looking forward to filming that one. I also have another written film, which I will start as soon as the next one is finished.


There are many great film makers out there. I have a great love of the Coen Brothers films, how they are able to do so many genres, but still keep a very ditinct style. Park-Chan Wook's vengance trilogy caught my attention, and his own ideas on film (''if you want to turn your brain off, go have a bath, film should make you think'') ties in nicely with my own views on film. And finally Micheal Bay, for showing us how not to make a film!

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