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Average at Best is an independent film company comprised of six devilishly handsome young chaps working from Canterbury in Kent.

'AAB' was first formed in late 2003 by Paul Ratcliffe, Matthew Reay, Ciaran Reynolds and Chris Thomas as the monkier by which the group made their first short University film 'Tsien'. Three years and four more films down the line 'AAB' has also acquired the talents of Stuart McKimm and Mark Ede.

Average at Best's films have been seen, enjoyed and praised at many film festivals in and out of the country. BBC Kent have expressed an interest in 2005's 'Myria' and is now up on their site. Hopefully soon - after some copyright issues have been ironed out - the group's personal favourite film 'In Tooth & Claw' (2006) will start doing the rounds on the festival circuit.

Expect 'In Tooth & Claw' to appear on the site in the very near future. if there's anything else you want to know then drop us a line!

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