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I started making films when my parents’ bought a Hi8 camcorder. I'd get an idea and I'd want to see it. I couldn't edit anything so I'd shoot everything in camera and then watch it back on a telly.

I graduated from the London Academy of Film and TV in and began developing some ideas with the London Script Consultancy in 2005. One of them was 'Earth to Earth', which I shot as part of the Straight8 competition.

I'd been a long admirer of Straight8 - for the uninitiated, they give you a single cartridge of super8 and thats pretty much it. You have to shoot your film sequentially in single takes and submit a separate soundtrack, which you hope works with what you shot.

I was lucky that ‘Earth to Earth’ was selected as one of the six straight8 finalists in 2005 as there were a lot of great films made that year. It premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and has since been shown in a number of festivals including Slamdance, Silent Light and Raindance.

This success opened a few doors and lead to me directing my first ‘proper’ short ‘Breaker’, which is currently on the film festival circuit. It has had quite a bit of publicity as we funded it by playing poker on-line.

I recently attended the Berlin Talent Campus, which I recommend to anyone out there. It's a fantastic way to meet other filmmakers and make contacts in the business.


Anything that moves me.

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