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Kim's from Montreal, Canada and has now been living in London for 4 years. At university, she studied biology followed by architecture, but finally opted for film-making, for its job security and pension benefits. She went straight to the top, starting off as an art department runner, then found herself working as a director's assistant and representative at a production company.

Project Development

Kim's music video for Souvenir (aka Tom Vek) 'There Is Only One Thing Left Now' was the Tummy Touch label winner, for the Radar Festival. Now, she's working on a short film, hopefully completed by end of March.


The Big Lebowski, 'What's up Fatlip' and 'How They Got There' videos by Spike Jonze, Martin Parr, The Goonies, Nil By Mouth, 'Lost Cause' Beck video, Looney Tunes, Chevy Chase, Lord of The Rings, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, 'Around The World' video by Michel Gondry.

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