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Click here if you want to contact the Film Network editors.

For all other BBC feedback, please follow the links below to the most appropriate place.

Help with Film Network

For general information about what Film network is and what we're trying to do see our site help section.

For details of the changes to the site since it was relaunched in November 2009, click here.

If you're having difficulty using the site see our site help section.

Contacting a BBC TV or radio programme

If your comments relate to any other BBC output then please send your email to the relevant place, this way it will be dealt with quicker. You can find the best place via's a-z index.

Commenting on BBC output

If you like to comment on the BBC's output try Points Of View. If you'd like to comment on the service click here.

Information about the BBC

For general information about the BBC, its history, future, policies and the licence fee, see About The BBC.

Information on using the web

If you need general information about using the web, including how to install video players, Flash, etc., see BBC Webwise.

Jobs and work experience

For information on jobs at the BBC and how to apply for work experience, see the BBC's jobs site.


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