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About The New Film Network

About The New Film Network

Welcome to the new version of BBC Film Network. As you can see there are numerous changes to the new website that we will detail below. If you have any further questions that haven't been answered please email us.

Video Quality

Obviously the major change is that the new site utilises the BBC's Embeddable Media Player, allowing for high-quality, full-screen video. Presenting the films in this much improved fashion was one of the driving reasons behind the relaunch. One of the beneficiaries of this improvement will be our international audience, who could only play limited quality narrowband video on the old sites, but we are pleased to say the new video size will be available beyond the UK.

As the name suggests, it is possible to embed EMP videos in websites external to, so if you want to situate your clip on your personal website or blog, you now can. All videos will remain singularly controllable by the BBC, so if a filmmaker requests a film to be taken down, Film Network can remove it from every instance on the web. At the moment, however, this embedding functionality is not yet available but will be soon.


We haven't managed to migrate all of the content over to the new site, due to the massive challenge of sourcing high-quality masters to do justice to the new video size. Roughly half of the films on the old Film Network are currently live on the new site, and that figure will be up to two thirds in a few weeks once we have finished migrating shorts.

If you are a filmmaker with a short on the old site and your film isn't on the new site, it's either because we haven't got round to publishing it yet, or it hasn't been included but we haven't been able to contact you. Please email us for clarification.

Please note that Film Credits pages have not been ported over.

We are also still in the process of migrating the old Magazine section, but unfortunately a sizable proportion of this archive will not be transported due to lack of available source video.

We have had to manually transport related links and festival appearances from the old site. We have not completed this yet but please bear with us and we will restore all this info soon.

Ratings and Comments

Unfortunately ratings and comments could not be migrated from the old site. This means that it is effectively year zero for all films on Film Network.


Tagging is a new way of navigating around this and (in future) other BBC websites. They work similarly to the Themes categories on the old version of Film Network, and allow you to aggregate specific types of content. Simply click on the grey words in films or articles pages to be taken to a list of similar content.


The new Film Network uses a new membership system much improved from the Single Sign On version used previously. You can read more about Identity on this page.

These profiles were migrated over from the old website, but only active profiles were migrated. So if you simply created your profile and never entered a biography and then never logged in again, your profile won't have been carried across.

The data was exported from the old Film Network on September 1st. This means that if you created a profile in the intervening period it won't be on the new site and you'll have to create a new one. We will try and contact anyone who this applies to. This also means that anyone who amended their profile since September 1st will see their old version on the new site. Once you have logged in to your new Identity account, you won't be able to login to your old account on the old Film Network.


In the coming months Film Network will be able to utilise an exciting new social recommendation tool currently being developed by the BBC, which will greatly enhance the networking aspect of the site. More information about this will be forthcoming soon...

Further developments

In future we also hope to offer a video uploader that would allow you to upload your shorts without having to post them to us. Again, watch this space for more information.

Please also note that at the moment the site doesn't have its own search box, but will be getting one soon. We hope that the much improved navigation on the site, such as tagging, is an acceptable trade-off for now. You can also use the BBC Search or external search engines to find individual pages.

We hope that you continue to enjoy Film Network in its new incarnation and that the improved video resolution offers an even better platform for your work.

The Film Network team

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