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The World Turns by Nick Ray Rutter

The World Turns by Nick Ray Rutter

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After a fatal and unforeseeable accident Kevin seeks refuge in the company of Leanne, a waitress from a nearby cafe.

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The World Turns is an atmospheric journey into guilt and the expectation of consequences to a man's actions. It runs for just under 20 minutes and stars actor Ricci Harnett (28 Days Later, Stained) and Frances Albery.

"In making this film i tried to asks questions but wanted to offer no answers. It was important for the characters to be believable yet unpredictable in there actions within a narrative that could be easily followed yet open and unresolved." - Nick Ray Rutter.

Short fact:

We got three cars clamped in one day that put the budget up nearly 10%... that meant the director only bought the crew one drink at the wrap party.

  • Kevin

    Ricci Harnett
  • Leanne

    Frances Albery
Selected By

The World Turns had its premiere at the London Short Film Festival last week on Thursday 12th of January at the Docklands Museum. We are awaiting to hear back from the BFI Short Film Promotion Scheme and other festivals. We have also been excepted into Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Market 2012.

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Festivals & Screenings

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