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Sofa So Good by Robin Lindsey

Sofa So Good by Robin Lindsey

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4.0 / 5


A comedy about two old friends who re-connect when they collect a free sofa from a stranger's flat.

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Dominic waits by a van outside a residential building in South London. He's joined by old friend Nico and it's an awkward reunion.

Dominic has contacted him after a long gap and a financially challenged Nico has asked him to help collect a free sofa from one of the flats.

The friends walk into the middle of a heated break-up scene as the couple argue over ownership of the sofa; it's a full-blown furniture custody battle. The guys finally acquire the sofa and struggle to get it outside. And that's the easy part...

Short fact:

This is the follow up to the digital feature Deadpan Valentine (2006) which also stars Mark Parsons and has music by Gavin Saunders.

  • Dominic

    Mark Parsons
  • Nico

    Elio Ruggieri
  • Rugby Shirt

    Simon Balcon
  • Sofa Lady

    Sarah Thomas-Lane
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2 comments posted.

  • Mar 13, 2012

    M A Taylor

    This is a fabulous film. Love it. The performances from all the cast are outstanding, supported by a wonderfully written script and steady direction.  

    There's a quality of groundedness - if can make up a word - without severity that reminds me of Mike Leigh's early shorts.

    The filmmakers must have had fun making this.
    Canadian Fan

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  • Jan 21, 2012


    Wonderful acting and filming make this such an enjoyable short. Well done Robin and cast/crew.

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