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Nightwalking by Daniel Cormack

Nightwalking by Daniel Cormack

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A woman is convinced she's being followed home, but what is her follower thinking...?

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A black comedy, directed by Daniel Cormack, starring Raquel Cassidy (Teachers / Lead Balloon) and Lloyd Woolf (Cowards), in which a woman who has taken the short cut home after night out becomes fearful that she's being followed. When she finally plucks up the courage to turns around she sees ... nothing! Except a mobile phone on the floor, ringing 'Mum'. Could it all have been in her imagination? And what are her would-be attacker's true intentions?

Short facts:

- When Nightwalking won the Best Merton Filmmaker Award at the Wimbledon Shorts Film Festival, neither the director, Daniel Cormack, nor the screenwriter, Ben Clover, were able to collect the award as Daniel was getting married on that day and Ben was his Best Man!

- Nightwalking became an Internet sensation with over 12,000 views and hundreds of comments on the Virgin Media Shorts website.

- Nightwalking made the final 15 in the Virgin Media Shorts Competition from thousands of entries, but was denied a chance to win the £30,000 prize on a technicality when the BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) classified the film as a 12a, thus making it ineligible.

- After an appeal, the BBFC upheld Nightwalking's 12a classification, claiming: "It is fair to say that the noted comedy does not come through particularly strongly, and consequently does little to lighten the overall tone of the work"!

- Nightwalking was shot in only three hours, between nightfall and midnight on location in Greenwich, south-east London, near where Daniel Cormack and Ben Clover grew up.

- Nightwalking is based partially on real life events and was made by Daniel Cormack and Ben Clover, two filmmakers who have been friends since primary school.

  • Martha

    Raquel Cassidy
  • James

    Lloyd Woolf
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Distributed by Network Ireland Television

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Festivals & Screenings

Limelight Film & Arts Award, UK, 2010

Nickel Independent Film Festival, Canada, 2009

End of the Pier International Film Festival, UK, 2009

Deptford Dark Nights, UK, 2009

CAN Leicester Film Festival, UK, 2008

Filmstock International Film Festival, UK, 2008

Walthamstow Film Cafe, UK, 2008

Compass of Mystery Festival, UK, 2008

Elefest (Elephant & Castle Annual Creative Festival), UK, 2008

Portobello Film Festival, UK, 2008

Cornwall Film Festival, UK, 2008

Canary Wharf Film Festival, UK, 2008

Shot by the Sea: Hastings Film Festival, UK, 2008

Wimbledon Shorts: Festival of Short Films, UK, 2008

Shooting People Split Focus at the BFI, UK, 2008

X'08 International Disability Film Festival, BFI, UK, 2008


Winner - Tripod Film Fund Award, 2008

Winner - 'Best Merton Filmmaker', Wimbledon Shorts: Festival of Short Films, 2008

Runner Up - 'Best Comedy', Limelight Film & Arts Awards, 2010

Runner Up - 'Another Country International Short Film Award', Cornwall Film Festival, 2008

Runner Up - 'Audience Award', Wimbledon Shorts Festival of Short Films, 2008

Runner Up - 'People’s Choice Award', Canary Wharf Film Festival, 2008

Runner Up - 'Audience Award', Elefest, 2008

Nominated - 'Short Film UK Award', Canary Wharf Film Festival, 2008

Nominated - 'Five Minutes of Mystery – Best Film', Compass of Mystery Festival, 2008

Nominated - 'Golden Monkey Award', CAN Leicester Film Festival, 2008

Shortlisted - Virgin Media Shorts Competition, 2008


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2 comments posted.

  • Sep 25, 2013

    amy nicole

    I loved this film! it makes you think that he really is a rapist, and then you hear how it is on his end :) the script was really well written and I found it hilarious! I hope you don't mind, but im going to analyse this for film studies at college :D

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  • Feb 9, 2012


    very good :-) i often think like that when walking!

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