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Food For Thought by Gervais Merryweather

Food For Thought by Gervais Merryweather

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The relationships between food, trade and environment are told through an animation of the life of an apple.

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This short was produced as part of the Open University and BBC's Creative Climate Shorts project. The initiative commissioned creative talent from the UK's top film schools to produce a mix of drama, animation and factual films exploring climate change issues.

The animation engages heart and mind to encourage viewers to be more mindful as they shop.

Gervais Merryweather explains how he arrived at his simple and striking approach here:

The idea for this film came about when I thought of the earth as an apple and of showing humankind's effects on it as a kind of mould. As Earth is a living thing, I thought it a pretty cool idea to use another living thing to portray it.

The challenge with using something organic is that its effects would be unpredictable, though a truly strong visual. The route I took was food and in the film, it describes the journey of a standard work lunch.

The main problem with consumption is that people are simply unaware of where things come from and where things go after they eat and so by combining some striking visuals and telling them a few facts, there is a chance people will take notice.

This, as well as the visuals, tries to make people aware and to just think about the decisions they make with something as simple as food.

They will then, hopefully, be able to apply this logic to many other things they do day to day


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