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Love Does Grow on Trees by Bevan Walsh

Love Does Grow on Trees by Bevan Walsh

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4.4.0 / 5


A teenage boy discovers adult magazines, girls and the embarrassment that goes with both.

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Named one of the top five shorts at the Tribeca Film Festival by New York Magazine. Love Does Grow on Trees is a coming of age comedy about a teenage boy whose life is thrown into chaos when he discovers adult magazines, girls and the embarrassment that goes with both.

Written & directed by Bevan Walsh and produced by Geraldine Patten, the film stars Luke Ward-Wilkinson, El Krajewski and Tom Brooke.

  • Danny

    Luke Ward-Wilkinson
  • Milkshake Girl

    El Krajewski
  • Saint Porn

    Tom Brooke
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Acclaimed by Danny Boyle at the British Independent Film Awards

Winner, Best Newcomer, Rushes Soho Shorts Festival

Winner, Best Film & Best Comedy, Super Shorts International Film Festival

Winner, Audience Award, Film Brothers Festival of Shorts

Winner, Best Short, LLV Film Festival

Winner, Best Comedy, Southern Appalachian International Film Festival

Winner, Best Supporting Actress (El Krajewski), Maverick Movie Awards


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2 comments posted.

  • Sep 23, 2011


    A beautiful production. Well done Bevan and all involved. The acting was top rate as were the filming and FX, in fact, all production values were excellent.

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  • Sep 22, 2011


    I absolutely loved this!  Beautifully written and directed, with great performances.  More please.

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