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Family Jewels by Martin Stitt

Family Jewels by Martin Stitt

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Leaving your children to go to war is tough, especially for a mother.

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Carol, a mother and a US soldier, is about to deploy to Afghanistan. Kurt, her husband and their two boys, Ethan and Wyatt, are determined to give her the best farewell evening she could want, but things don't go quite to plan.

  • Josh Carmichael
  • Jennifer Christopher
  • Ethan Carmichael
  • Wyatt Carmichael
  • Jeff Holman
  • Nancy Lantis
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Festivals & Screenings

24 FPS Film Festival, 2010

Sidewalk Film Festival, 2010

Cortopotere Film Festival, 2010

Museum of Contemporary Arts San Diego, 2010

Foyle Film Festival, 2010

Atlantic Film Festival, 2010

Cambridge International Film Festival, 2010

LA Shorts Fest, 2010

Palm Springs International Short Film Festival, 2010

ARCIPELAGO - International Festival of Short Films - Rome, 2010

GI Film Festival - Washington DC, 2010

Aspen International Short Film Festival, 2010

Finalist - 32nd Annual National Short Film & Video Competition - USA Film Festival/Dallas, 2010

Directors Guild of America (DGA) - AFI Showcase, 2010

Sundance Film Festival, 2010

Venice Film Festival, 2009

Nominated - Best Actress (Jennifer Christopher ) Grand OFF Film Awards, Poland, 2010


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