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King of Deptford Creek by Fred Rowson

King of Deptford Creek by Fred Rowson

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3.4.0 / 5


A Private Detective becomes obsessed with a secret diary.

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Eliot Gale is hired to locate the missing Philip. He manages to locate the boy's diary, which obsesses him. It details Philip's plans to build a raft and sail up a thames estuary; Eliot decides that this is the only way to find the boy and sate his obsession.

Kicked out of his home by his wife, Eliot lives in a suburban wilderness, whilst accumulating materials for his boat. Meanwhile, life goes on as his relations and associates slowly forget about him. He completes the boat and sails off to an uncertain fate.

  • Eliot Gale

    Simon Pearsall
Festivals & Screenings

London Short Film Festival, 2011

Leeds Film Festival, 2010


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2 comments posted.

  • Sep 28, 2011


    Funny and odd.  Love it.  Love the use of the landscape.  The river shots look like they're the jungle rather than Deptford!  And the use of the Mark Twain idea.

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  • Feb 11, 2011


    Excellent acting by Simon and great supporting roles. DOP did a super job and, all in all, a very enjoyable film albeit a little lengthy.

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