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Guy's Guide To Zombies by Daniel Austin

Guy's Guide To Zombies by Daniel Austin

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Zombies. Shambling scourge of the modern world? Or just a little misunderstood?

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Zombies. Shambling scourge of the modern world? Or just a little misunderstood? If in doubt, check out Guy's Guide To Zombies, the definitive A to Z guide to living with the dead! Peaceful coexistence is just a handshake away!

Having no experience as animators, filmmakers Dan and Matt Austin learned the necessary skills as production went along.

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Festivals & Screenings

Leiden Short Film Festival, 2009

3rd Cannes In A Van Mobile Film Festival, 2009

11th Mecal International Short Film Festival, 2009

2nd Filmini International Short Film Festival, 2008

5th Salford Film Festival, 2008

Birmingham Arts Festival, 2008

3rd Anim'Est International Animation Festival, 2008

2nd Slow Film Festival, 2008

18th Zagreb Animafest World Festival of Animated Film, 2008

Future Shorts Manchester, 2008

5th Scienceplusfiction International Science Fiction Festival, 2007

14th Regensburger Kurzfilmwoche Short Film Week, 2007

3rd Annual SiliCon Independent Film Festival, 2007

9th Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival, 2007

4th Animatu Digital Animation Festival, 2007

Portable Film Festival, 2007

17th Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival, 2007

2nd Family Friendly Film Festival, 2007

8th Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival, 2007

aniMOTION European Animation Festival, 2007

9th Sheffield Showcomotion Young People's Film Festival, 2007

East Finchley Festival, 2007

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23rd Granada International Young Filmmakers Festival, 2007

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6th International Festival of Cinema & Technology, 2007

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Portobello Film Festival, 2006

3rd Court Metrange Rennes, 2006

12th Lund International Fantastic Film Festival, 2006

FilmLichter Short Film Festival, 2006

NMPFT's 5th Fantastic Films Weekend, 2006


Winner: BBC New Talent 'New TV Animators' Award, 2007


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