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The Beachcombers by Mark Beynon & Chris Croucher

The Beachcombers by Mark Beynon & Chris Croucher

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4.1.0 / 5


Divided by the River Thames, a pair of shy beachcombers search for rare antiquities.

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Divided by the glittering expanse of the River Thames, a pair of shy beachcombers draw together through their search for rare antiquities; a chance discovery gives an ideal opportunity to cross the river. The Beachcombers is a heart-warming tale of friendship and love, set against the backdrop of modern London.

  • Girl

    Charity Wakefield
  • Boy

    Rasmus Hardiker

Winner, ITV Local/Film London Best of Boroughs' Viewer's Choice Award, 2008


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1 comments posted.

  • Aug 22, 2010

    Mike Reed

    Lovely. Just shows how little you need (in a good way) to make something affecting and human. Great performances. Nice one.

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