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Notice by Amy Lisa Hill

Notice by Amy Lisa Hill

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Hayley leads a dull life but her perspectives change when she meets Lizzie, who's carrying out her community service.

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Hayley leads a dull and uninspiring life working at her local Cash and Carry. During her regular cigarette break she meets Lizzie, an outgoing and confident girl who is carrying out her community service. After an initial clash in personalities, Hayley gradually becomes more open and confident, leading to an unexpected friendship between the two girls. Spending time together over three days, Hayley learns from Lizzie that she can take control of her own life and take it in any direction she chooses.

A short film which is intended to develop characters through their interaction and their unlikely bond. The film touches upon themes of suggestion, friendship and hardship.

The film was shot over 2 days on a budget of £200. It was shot on the recent Canon 5d.

  • Lizzie

    Jennifer Jordan-O'Neill
  • Hayley

    Katie McArdle
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Personal Funding

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1 comments posted.

  • Oct 13, 2010


    Nice underplaying of the roles by both girls. This is strictly  character observation as there is not much substance but still enjoyable.

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