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The Persistent Resistance Of Vision by James Baker

The Persistent Resistance Of Vision by James Baker

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2.4.0 / 5


Animation parodying the spinning toy with the bird and cage on opposites of a disc.

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The film parodies the famous optical toy showing a bird and a cage on a spinning disc. This iconic image, with its separate elements melded together through movement, has come to epitomise in its simplest form the illusion of moving image. Normally moving image hides its underlying illusion and creates a seamless flow. Here this is turned on its head and the abrasive mechanics of the illusion become an integral part of the film. A narrative thread is then woven through the disjointed images.

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Festivals & Screenings

London Short Film Festival, 2010

London International Animation Festival, British Panorama Competition, 2009


Best Film (Music and Animation category), London Short Film Festival, 2010


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