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Little Dinosaurs by Dana Dorian

Little Dinosaurs by Dana Dorian

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A boy discusses with his father how a group of small dinosaurs can stop a big dinosaur from picking on them.

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A group of small dinosaurs are being bullied by a big T-Rex. What can these little dinosaurs do to stop the T-Rex from picking on them? Our young narrator has a few ideas.

Little Dinosaurs was initially created for the BAFTA 60 seconds of fame competition in January 2008. The theme of the competition was 'Unity'. I knew I wanted to make an animation that involved my five-year-old son, so I interviewed him for 30 minutes about the concept of unity. I then edited down the conversation into a one-minute sound track and animated to it.

Little Dinosaurs went on to win the BAFTA regional Scottish Prize. The hardest part of making this film was getting the resource I needed to get the film done on time and to the quality I wanted it to be. The artists who helped me work on the project had other commitments so it was very difficult to schedule their time.It all worked out in the end and I'm very pleased with the final result. It's a film that's close to my heart and will always make me smile.

Screened on BBC HD as part of BBC HD Film Shorts

  • Voiceover - Man

    Dana Dorian
  • Voiceover - Boy

    Alex Dorian
Funded By

The film was funded independantly by Axis Animation

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Festivals & Screenings

Anima Mundi, Brazil, 2008

Encounters International Short Film Festival, Bristol, 2008

Stuttgart International Trickfilm Festival, Germany, 2009

Auburn Film Festival for Children and Young Adults, Australia, 2008

Glasgow Ffilm Festival, Scotland, 2009

Woods Hole Film Festival, USA, 2009

Giffoni Film Festival, Italy, 2008

Little Big Shots for Kids, Australia, 2009

International Short Animated Film Festival of Rome, Italy, 2009

Garden State Film Festival, USA, 2009

Sydney Film Festival, Australia, 2009

Palm Springs International Film Festival, USA, 2009


Scotland Regional Winner, BAFTA 60 Seconds of Fame Competition, London, 2008

Best Animated Film, In The Bin Short Film Festival, Australia, 2008

Finalist, Virgin Media Shorts Competition, London, 2008


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1 comments posted.

  • Mar 23, 2010


    good idear .great bit of animation good plot on bullying great way to try and get the message  across .great stuff keep at it .

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