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Breakfast by Kris Hofmann

Breakfast by Kris Hofmann

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Breakfast was inspired by the lost connection between the food we eat and the animals we love.

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A few years ago my boyfriend and I took his seven year old daughter Jessica fishing. When Jessica caught a fish I tried to take it from her so that I could kill it and cook it for dinner. She started to scream, totally outraged by the thought of eating this beautiful creature. We threw the fish back into the lake and instead went to a local supermarket to buy food, Jessica chose fish fingers. Breakfast was inspired by this lost connection between the food we eat and the animals we love.

  • Voice-over

    James Manning
Funded By
Made with the support of the Royal College of Art.
Festivals & Screenings

Tampere Film Festival, 2010

Tricky Women Film Festival, Vienna, 2010

Anifest, Czech Republic, 2010


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