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Night School by Ben Soper

Night School by Ben Soper

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A young couple break into an abandoned school.

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Late at night, a young couple find themselves alone together for the first time. She wants to be more intimate. He knows just the right place. Leading her to an abandoned school he finds an open window and climbs in. She’s reluctant to follow. He leans out and offers her a hand. She decides to trust him and together they disappear into the shadows.

Screened on BBC HD as part of BBC HD Film Shorts

Night School was filmed on location at Cre8te Business Centre, St Stephens Centre and Lovers Loan in Edinburgh, Scotland (UK) in May/June 2008.

Night School was shot on the RED camera.

Night School was completed in November 2008.

Peter Mackie Burns acted as a mentor to the director.

  • Girl

    Tess Mitchell
  • Boy

    Will Anatsui
Funded By

A Digiplus project. Made with support of the UK Film Council New Cinema Fund and the National Lottery through Scottish Screen.

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Encounters Short Film Festival, 2008

Edinburgh International Film Festival, 2009

Insiders Talent Festival, 2009

Busho Budapest Film Festival, 2009

Cinefest, 2009

Tallinn Black Nights Festival, 2009

Vendome International Film Festival, 2009


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