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Baghdad Express by Nimer Rashed

Baghdad Express by Nimer Rashed

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3.9.0 / 5


A young girl working in her father's Arabic restaurant is forced to decide what comes first: her dreams or her family.

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Maya dreams about going to fashion school while working at her father’s Arabic restaurant in London. But when forced to decide, which will come first: her father or her dream?

  • Maya

    Georgina Leonidas
  • Nawaf

    Nayef Rashed
  • Talal

    Riz Ahmed
  • Interviewer

    Elizabeth Garvie
  • Louise

    Erin Wilson
  • Jake

    Philip James Booth
  • Maya's mother

    Alice Brickwood
  • Young Maya

    Ingrid Biggs
Funded By

UK Film Council and Film London

Selected By

Future Shorts

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Festivals & Screenings

BFI London Film Festival, London, 2008

London Short Film Festival, London, 2009

Wood Green International Film Festival, London, 2009

Nashville Film Festival, Nashville, USA, 2009

East End Film Festival, London, 2009

Seattle International Film Festival, Seattle, USA, 2009

Hamburg International Short Film Festival, Hamburg, Germany, 2009

Canary Wharf Film Festival, London, 2009

New Orleans Film Festival, New Orleans, USA, 2009


Winner, Gold Remi Award, Worldfest Houston International Film Festival, Houston, USA, 2009


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2 comments posted.

  • Jun 27, 2012


    Great short. I find myself enjoying short film more than features nowadays. For features now I stick to classic films, which is why I am really excited for Giorgio Moroder's edition of Metropolis to be released in the UK! For now you can see the trailer,, and I'll keep watching some shorts.

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  • May 11, 2012


    I thought this was an excellent short drama, well acted, well photographed and well edited. The music was also appropriate and didn't intrude.
    As for the story... I guess it had to end the way it did. Not knowing much about the culture in which the girl and her father live, I don't know how difficult must have been the decision to burn the letter offering her a future away from her family. But it was oh, so poignant. Excellent.

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