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Trip by Harry Wootliff

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2.7.0 / 5


A tale of what happens when a father tries to do the right thing by his two daughters.

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An emotional tale of what happens when a father tries to do the right thing by his two daughters but chooses the worst way to go about it.

  • Mick

    Sam Hazeldine
  • Kim

    Karis Igoe
  • Sabrina

    Chloe Garner
  • Jenny

    Sara Fellows
  • Policeman 1

    Ken Willis
  • Policeman 2

    Paul Knight
  • Mother on beach

    Eve Greystroke
Funded By

Winner of the Orange/Northern Lights short film funding award

Selected By

Future Shorts

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Festivals & Screenings

Encounters Film Festival, Bristol, 2009

Glasgow Film Festival, 2009

Bradford International Film Festival 2008

Official Selection Berlinale Shorts, Berlin International Film Festival 2008

Birds Eye View Festival, London, 2008

Cambridge Film Festival, 2008

Brit Shorts, Germany, 2008

Message to Man, St. Petersburg, 2008

Capalbio Film Festival, 2008

Rushes Soho Shorts, London, 2008

Tofifest Film Festival, Poland, 2008

DC Shorts, USA, 2008

LA Short Film Festival, 2008

Docufest, Kosovo, 2008

Uppsala Film Festival, Sweden, 2008

Kodak Showcase, London, 2008

Mill Valley Film Festival, USA, 2008

Milan International Film Festival, 2008

Marbella Film Festival, 2008

Short Cuts Film Festival, 2008

Ourense Film Festival, Spain, 2008

Med Film, Italy, 2008

Tehran International Film Festival, 2008

Curta Cinema, Rio de Janeiro, 2008

Zagreb Film Festival, 2008

Brest Film Festival, 2008


Winner, Shine Award at Bradford International Film Festival 2008


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