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OMG by Clayton Fussell & Ashley Wing

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Even in our age of instant mobile communication, sometimes the most important messages never get through.

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When Malcolm sends a desperate text message, asking for forgiveness, he prays for a speedy response. When the response doesn't come he suspects the reason might be poor reception, and embarks on a frantic pilgrimage in pursuit of a better signal.

The film was born from spending many mobile phone conversations hanging out of bedroom windows - the only place in the house where there was decent reception. It occurred to us that mobile phones are often not very mobile, and the pursuit for better signal has religious parallels, especially in our increasingly secular society, where mobile phone antennas are the new churches and satellites the new gods.

  • Malcolm

    Joseph Whitehouse
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Supported by Exeter Phoenix Arts Centre in Exeter

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2 comments posted.

  • Jan 29, 2010


    Like it! ))

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  • Jan 2, 2010

    Paul Christian

    Haha. Great stuff; thank you. Love that even though the answer he received was favourable, he may still not get to see it because the water will ruin the phone by the time he fishes out of the bucket. At least we know he's forgiven...wonder what he did wrong...

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