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Something Great /Cos Fajnego by Anna Raczynski

Something Great /Cos Fajnego by Anna Raczynski

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Something Great explores the journey of rubbish in a recycling centre and its impact on Polish and British workers.

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Every week, we fill our green boxes full of items ready to be sent to a local recycling centre. Over the years, people from Poland and Eastern Europe have been working at Exeter's recycling centre. Apart from the impact it may have on the environment, the rubbish plays a major role in the lives of both Polish and British workers.

This is a short documentary that investigates the people who segregate our plastic milk bottles, pizza packaging and butter tubs, but also the visual beauty of rubbish and the journey it undergoes at Exeter’s recycling plant in the southwest of England.

Since Poland joined the European Union in May 2004 thousands of workers from Poland have traveled to England. My initial intent was to look at the Polish presence in English towns and focus on one local workplace. In an attempt to subvert the traditional image of ‘ugly’ and ‘uninteresting’ rubbish, the film shaped itself into something different to what was anticipated, in particular the political connotations presented through the dialogue of workers. The viewer, like the seagulls that drop by at the recycling site, is invited to capture a glimpse of how these Polish and British recycling employees respond to their workplace.



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