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Fight by Lewis Metcalfe

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3.3.0 / 5


A study of the curiosity and anxieties young males face regarding violence.

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Two school boys are pressured into a fight for the gratification of others. When the school-yard stand-off is separated they're forced to move it off school grounds and onto a local park. One of the boys doesn't show, which results in his supporting friend unwillingly taking his place. The next day in school the original contenders share a moment of guilt and realisation.

  • Scott

    Callum Marhum
  • Daniel

    Adam Clayton
  • Stephen

    Mike Graham
  • Simon

    Leo Plevin
Festivals & Screenings

Canary Wharf Film Festival, 2008

Raindance Film Festival, 2008

Salford Film Festival, 2008

Exposures Student Film Festival, 2008

Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival, 2008


Winner, Best Short, Renderyard Short Film Festival, 2008


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2 comments posted.

  • Jun 10, 2012

    Producer Michael McCleary

    I enjoyed watching this production, I found it edgy but compelling at the same time. You made good use of audio and I particularly like the sequence in the park where all the kids are being boisterous. 

    I like how the narrative takes a direction you don't expect it to when the little lad gets beat up! But I like how the film opens creating a realistic school ground ambiance, not to mention the childish nostelger of the playground fight. But more importantly I like the way you convey violence with cut away shots without actually visually representing it, i thought this was a nice touch.

    Ive liked all the short British Dramas Ive watched here so far, and as such Ive rated this production as 5 stars as well as I enjoyed watching it.

    Kindest regards,

    Michael McCleary.

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  • Jan 24, 2010


    Hi ,
    I love this film and can identify with its message having worked in education and seen at first hand a knife fight.
    Congrats on the strong sense of fear and anger throughout the film and the tension with the young actors that they provide.
    Are the young people all from one school? or have they gone to drama school? if not the natural way they achieve their roles must be down to great directing and the visual content captured screams top drawer film well done to all who created this must be watched film.
    Jon Paul.

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