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Goodbye Mr Snuggles by Jonathan Hopkins

Goodbye Mr Snuggles by Jonathan Hopkins

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What on Earth could go wrong when two elderly gentlemen go for a day of painting in the beautiful English countryside? A lot.

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It is a picture of utter tranquillity as we are introduced to the quintessentially English Mr Stiles (Robert Hardy - Harry Potter) and Mr Tomly (James Fox - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). They head off into the lush green meadows of the spectacular countryside in search of a great view and a quiet day of painting. Things do not go according to plan when a rampaging, gun-toting clown erupts onto the scene. In a rollercoaster ending, the story is flipped on its head as we question the very nature of the men and their friendship.

  • Mr Tomly

    James Fox
  • Mr Stiles

    Robert Hardy
  • Mr Snuggles

    Tony Bluto
Festivals & Screenings

Merit Award for Comedy Short, Arizona International Film Festival, USA, 2006

Sundance Film Festival, USA, 2007

Hamburg Film Festival, Germany, 2006

Molodist International Film Festival, Ukraine, 2006

Sao Paolo International Film Festival, Brazil, 2006

Leeds International Film Festival, 2006

Cardiff Film Festival, 2006

Edmonton International Film Festival, Canada, 2006

Shorts Film Festival, Australia, 2006

Encounters Film Festival, UK, 2006/2007

Milwaukee Film Festival, USA, 2007

Calgary Underground Film Festival, Canada, 2007

Small Potato Film Festival, USA, 2007

Newport International Film Festival, USA, 2007

Aukland International Film Festival, New Zealand, 2007

Dresden Film Festival, Germany, 2007


Best Newcomer, Rushes Soho Shorts Festival, London, 2006

Tiscali Short Film Award, Raindance Film Festival, London, 2006


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2 comments posted.

  • Jun 7, 2011


    You what?!

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  • Apr 27, 2011


    What do you say about such superb actors as Mr Fox and Mr Hardy? Gee - I wish I had a cast to work with like that :-) Anyway, the production values blow away a lot of our little shorts that we indie directors work so hard on. Well done to Mr Hopkins and the whole crew for such an entertaining little film. Thank you.

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