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Sweet by James Pilkington

Sweet by James Pilkington

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The pressures of an invisible girlfriend can put things in perspective.

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Noel Fielding plays Pete Sweet, who works on a record stall, owns a scooter and two puppies, has a best friend called Stitch (played by Julian Barratt) and is currently dating a short, dumpy ginger girl called Poppy. Who is imaginary. She was originally imagined by Pete's mate's Dave's Mum, who had always wanted a girl. Does that explain it for you? The strain of this unusual relationship soon begins to take a toll on Pete and Stitch's friendship, and the film centres around this complicated triangle, and the ethical debate surrounding the etiquette of dating an imaginary girl.

  • Pete Sweet

    Noel Fielding
  • Poppy

    Patricia Ford
  • Daisy

    Suzy Bloom
  • Stitch

    Julian Barratt
  • Dave

    Toby Walton
  • Old Lady #1

    Coral Lorne
  • Old Lady #2

    Glenys Mayo
  • My Puppies #1

  • My Puppies #2

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World sales: DAZZLE

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