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Bad Is As Bad Does (alternate) by Liam Garvo

Bad Is As Bad Does (alternate) by Liam Garvo

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An old man comes out of a sleeping child's wardrobe and transports her to an enchanted forest where she is planted and grown into a tree.

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While sleeping, Ofelia, is visited by an old man that lives in an enchanted forest inside her wardrobe. The old man takes Ofelia in his arms and carries her through the wardrobe into his world where he plants her into the ground. Ofelia then grows up into a beautiful tree that the old man cares for until it's time to harvest. During the harvest time, the old man collects the apples that are Ofelia's babies and proceeds to eat them. Ofelia is then left alone and isolated.

  • Tree woman

    Livia Turco
  • Old man

    Brian Withstandley
  • Young girl

    Olivia Alrich
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