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Thrush by Gabriel Bisset-Smith

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An entire relationship told through photos in four minutes.

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When George meets Ruby he thinks he's found "the one" but when things don't go as planned he starts to become obsessed with her. Told entirely through photos, we witness the birth and death of a relationship. This film was inspired by the fact that we share thousands of images of ourselves over the internet. It cost nothing to make and took three days to shoot.

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Rushes Soho Shorts

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Rushes Soho Shorts, Tenderpixel Gallery, 2009


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2 comments posted.

  • Nov 15, 2009


    Held my attention - I like it! And I like how some of her exes were women haha - blink and you miss it.

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  • Nov 12, 2009

    Marcus Parnwell

    Great concept - great film!

    I love how the human emotion is portrayed in these stills.

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