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M Craft - Dragonfly by Gemma Burditt

M Craft - Dragonfly by Gemma Burditt

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3.8.0 / 5


A man leaves his house in North West London to find a rowing boat parked in his street. Curious, he climbs in and rows.

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One magical night in North West London, a man leaves his house to discover an old rowing boat parked in his street. He decides to get in and see what happens if he starts to row.

To his delight, the boat sails up the road and he embarks on a surreal adventure to Hampstead Heath. He is not the only one out and about, other rowers join him at various junctions to form a fleet. They soon join the ducks and frogs in Hampstead Pond.

  • Man

    Nando Messias
  • Jo

    Jo Wand
  • Kim

    Kim Noce
  • Alex

    Alex Fairfax
  • Miai

    Miai Keeling
  • Carl

    Carl Zitelmann
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Part of the BBC New Music Shorts competition run by BBC Electric Proms, BBC New Talent and BBC Film Network

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