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Mother by Christoph Steger

Mother by Christoph Steger

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An animated documentary about a life devoted to the dead.

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"Mother" is an undertaker. She has a loud voice, an expressionless face, and huge square glasses. The simplicity and directness with which she's been animated fits the robustness she exudes.

For "Mother", it's no frills or smooth talk: you should grant the dead their peace. In an in-depth interview, she talks about her life among the dead with touching consideration. For example, she admits that she initially had to get used to their presence, but now she lives upstairs from them, "so they are not alone."

  • Angela Turner

    Angela Turner
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1 comments posted.

  • Apr 26, 2010

    Anne Wilkins

    That was wonderfully drawn, I thought the transitions were really good. And the narrative was really original and interesting.

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