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Rabbit by Run Wrake

Rabbit by Run Wrake

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4.0 / 5


A dreamlike but dark story of lost innocence and the random justice of nature, told with curious images from a distant childhood.

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A selection of 1950s educational stickers, found in a provincial junkshop twenty years ago, provide the ingredients for this adult fairytale. When a boy and girl find an idol in the stomach of a rabbit, its magical abilities lead to riches, but for how long? A modern mystery film of lost innocence, greed and nature.

Funded By

The Arts Council and Channel 4 via the Animate! scheme

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Tiger Award for Short Film, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 2006

Best Short Film, Best Film at the Cutting Edge, British Animation Awards, London, 2006

Onda Curtas Award for Short Film, Lisbon Independent Film Festival, Portugal, 2006

Special Merit, Cracow Film Festival, Poland, 2006

Best Animation, Soho Shorts Festival, London, 2006

McLaren Award for Animation, Edinburgh Film Festival, 2006

Special Jury Prize, Hiroshima Animation Festival, Japan, 2006

Audience Award, Best Animation, San Francisco Independent Film Festival, USA, 2007

Yoram Gross Award for Best Animation, Flickerfest, Sydney, Australia, 2007

Best Short Film, St Louis International Film Festival, USA, 2007

Nominated - Best Animated Short, BAFTA, London, 2006


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1 comments posted.

  • Nov 19, 2009


    Fantastic film, I like the style of animation, and I love the story. Extremely well directed.

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