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Money From London by Miriam Rowe & Jemma Gander

Money From London by Miriam Rowe & Jemma Gander

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The human story behind money transfers from London to Ghana.

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Money transfers are the second largest contributor to the Ghanaian economy after foreign investment in the country's natural resources. This means that Ghana (as with many other developing nations) has a shell-like economic model.

This film takes a snapshot at the cycle of dependancy through the eyes of the senders and receivers.


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  • Dec 7, 2009

    Gugulethu Mseleku

    I loved this film - the imagery was beautiful. The only bug bear for me was the snot on the youngest child's face. I'm often surprised how often it is deemed OK by filmmakers to film African children in that way. As an African child growing up in South Africa, I was taught to always inform the child or the mother if the child's nose needed cleaning - as a filmmaker I would definitely do the same. Focussing on the snot deprives one of seeing the beauty of the child - and the child was very beautiful - but I struggled to divert my eyes from the snot! Also, as someone who can understand SiSwati, I would have loved to have been able to hear the children speaking - rather than hear the music over their voices and be forced to read subtitles. Otherwise - it was a beautifully made film - thank you!

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