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Our Father Who Art In Heaven by Jeremy Williams

Our Father Who Art In Heaven by Jeremy Williams

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Two brothers return home following the death of their violent father to clear out his possessions and his remains left on the living room carpet.

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Chris and Richard Trusler grew up with a violent and abusive father. He died alone in the old house where they grew up and the two brothers return home to sort through his possessions and belongings on his death.

The brothers gain a degree of emotional release, remembering a bitter childhood but, at last, starting to lay the past to rest. In a final act of catharsis, the brothers throw out the carpet stained with their dead father's remains, and, along with the rest of his possessions, toss them into the back of a dustcart.

  • Chris Trusler

    Chris Trusler
  • Richard Trusler

    Richard Trusler
Festivals & Screenings

Raindance, London, 2007

In The Palace Short Film Festival, Bulgaria, 2007

End of the Pier Film Festival, Bognor Regis, 2007


Runner Up, Best Doc, Rushes Soho Shorts, London, 2007


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