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Romance by Sean Spencer

Romance by Sean Spencer

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Romance is about the hope, fragility and darkness in modern human relationships. We follow Julie Walker on a first date as she tries to re-engage with the possibility of love, after leaving a violent relationship.

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Romance is an offbeat drama about Julie Walker, a 29-year-old woman, trying to re-engage with life and the possibility of love, after leaving an abusive relationship.

We follow Julie over the course of one evening, as she attempts to navigate her way through an awkward first date in a crowded pub. Her date is Russell, a man she has met on the internet. As Julie and Russell slowly get to know each other, we see flashbacks of Julie's previous relationship - key moments of violence and pain that act as counterpoints to the date. These flashes from the past help contextualize her behavior - and inform us of her changing emotional state as she tries to relax and enjoy being in someone's company.

Romance is ultimately about the hope, the fragility and the darkness in modern human relationships. It is also about the baggage that we all carry as we attempt to move from moment to moment throughout our own lives.

  • Julie

    Maimie McCoy
  • Boyfriend

    Joseph Steyne
  • Russell

    Steve John Shepherd
Funded By

Screen West Midlands

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Festivals & Screenings

Edinburgh Intenational Film Festival, Edinburgh, 2007

Rushes Soho Short film festival, London, 2007

Clermont Ferrand Short Film Festival, France, 2008

Wine Country Film Festival, Napa, California, 2007


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