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About This Guide

About This Guide

Welcome to the re-launched filmmaking guide. Here you can out more about the filmmaking and exhibition process, from pre-production through to marketing and distribution. In the new guide, we've sought to answer common questions that we receive from filmmakers such as: what makes a good short film?; how do I market my short?; What clearances do I need?; Which festivals should I enter first?

As well as including all the filmmaking guides from before, we've also written and added new sections which include: legal guides offering detailed advice on rights and clearances on all aspects of the filmmaking and exhibiting process, case studies with filmmakers and the industry as well as more detailed sections providing advice on the exhibition and distribution process.

The re-launched guide is split up into 10 topics (starting out, training & development, rights & clearances, writing, funding & competitions, production, exhibition & distribution, industry case studies, recommended watching & reading and glossary). In each topic are a number of sections which you can access by clicking on the relevant ‘ ' sign in the right-hand navigation or through the filmmaking guide homepage.

Within each topic you'll find filmmaking and legal advice as well as related links sections, with information and links to hundreds of organisations and resources that can help you on that topic. Individual sections also include links to relevant magazine articles from our archive.

Although the focus of this guide is predominantly short films, we've also briefly touched upon low-budget features, as the two ‘industries' crossover somewhat and the motivator for many filmmakers to complete a short film is as a step towards securing and producing their first feature.

History of the Filmmaking Guide

The original filmmaking guide launched in 2005 and was written by Emily Man and Victoria Lorkin-Lange. In early 2007 we commissioned Solicitor and short film Producer, Tara Dean, to write a series of legal sections relevant to new filmmakers, covering the basic legal issues in filmmaking, from pre-production to post-production and exploitation. We also commissioned freelance film journalists Stella Papamichael and Jamie Russell, to interview filmmakers and crew on their path into the industry and to recommend tips for new filmmakers.

Whilst it is impossible to answer every filmmaking-related question, we've sought to cover the key legal and filmmaking issues. We hope you enjoy the re-launched filmmaking guide!

There's more to come...

The filmmaking guide is constantly evolving and over the forthcoming months, we will be adding more sections including case studies with members of the industry on what they do and their advice for new filmmakers.


The Film Network team would like to thank the following people for their contribution to this guide:

Victoria Lorkin-Lange, an independent producer who currently manages the film business programme Inside Pictures for Qwerty Films. She also runs the media production and training company Fierce Productions Limited.

Emily Man has spent fourteen years in the film industry. Starting out with short films she became Head of Development at Catherine Bailey Limited where they made Spider, directed by David Cronenberg and starring Ralph Fiennes, Miranda Richardson and Gabriel Byrne. She has just finished a feature film, Jump, directed by Bindu de Stoppani and starring Claire Price. Shot in Switzerland the film will be released in 2011. She has four feature films in development. Emily is also an executive coach in the creative and financial industries.

Tara Pietri, a solicitor in the Film Department of the law firm Bates Wells & Braithwaite where she specialises in advising up and coming British filmmaking talent. (, London. Tara has also produced a number of shorts films. She now lives and works in New York. She has written articles for The Stage, Scriptwriter and The Times on Film and Television related topics.

See Tara's profile

Erica Crump, a trainee solicitor who also contributed to the legal sections of this guide.

Stella Papamichael, a freelance film journalist who writes for the Film Network magazine.

See Stella's profile

Jamie Russell, a freelance film journalist who writes for the Film Network magazine.

And finally all the filmmakers who've contacted us with queries, suggestions and information that inspired the Film Network team (Claire, Amy, Illy & Adrian) to rewrite and expand the Filmmaking Guide!

Help us improve the Filmmaking Guide

Whilst we've made every endeavour to ensure that the information that we've provided is correct, the filmmaking world is constantly evolving and information quickly goes out of date. So if you spot any broken links, factual errors or if there is any information you feel we should include, please email us your suggestions.

If you spot (or work for) an organisation that is not listed in any of the related links sections of the guide and that you feel should be, please email us a link and information. N.B. - As space is limited, unfortunately we do have to be fairly selective and can't guarantee to include every suggestion that we receive.

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